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Item number/location code (ITEMNMBR/LOCNCODE) does not exist in the Item Quantity Master Table - IV00102
taPOPLine Error 261

A couple of housekeeping things:

  • This error can occur in any module that uses inventory, the causes are the same
  • While I am going to go through the usual troubleshooting...
  • The resolution, in this case, is completely off the wall.

Today, I will discuss more on how to limit, or filter, the amount of data returned from a SELECT statement.  I will also talk a little about Boolean logic.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Spock to understand it.

This short code example will show you how to configure an ASP.NET website for Windows Authentication, then to allow only members of  a certain group

The <location path="ErrorHandler"> section is intended to allow access to the ErrorHandler folder off the root, to allow for custom error pages. If a user is not allowed, we'll give them a friendly reason why not. 


I am having problems with my PO processing.  The header is not updating in the POP10100 table and the lines are being added (each time I run it) rather than updated in the POP10110 table.  I think it is a problem with eConnect.
This is a complete example for the RadGrid EDITFORMS edit mode. The grid will call and load a user control and use that for editing

I have $100 invoice broken down into 4 lines. Out of the 4, distribution type for 3 are PURCH and the other one is OTHER. The total purchase ($100) goes to PAY.

Great Plains does not allow me to post it with an error to the effect that distribution does not match.

Is there a way to get around this?



Do you have any examples of creating a stored proc in dexterity to match any of the eConnect stored procedures that can then be called through dexterity?

There are so many parameters and I am not sure if I have to create a one to one in the dexterity stored procedure or just for the ones I use and for the error information.



You know how GP stores their passwords in binary table fields?  Is there a library we can use to decrypt that password without having to be running as a GPAddIn?  I'm creating a web service for a client that needs to validate against the budget passwords, and noticed they were the GP encrypted password fields.
New here and relatively new to GP so if already addressed, just point me at it.  We have not had luck with SmartConnect running reliably so the directive is to write a direct update of Vendor info from another SQL DB to GP.  So, has anyone crossed this bridge and defined the tables, key fields, validations,  etc involved??

We record prepayments directly on our orders using the Amount Received field (Sales Payment Entry window).  This works perfectly when the payment is cash or credit.  However, sometimes we need to apply part of the payment from a credit on the customer account.  I don't believe there is a way to do this pre-invoice, however, I'm wondering if I can at least use the COD Amount field on the Sales Payment Entry window to track what still needs to be applied to the order after the invoice is posted.  From what I can tell, entering an amount in the COD Amount field does nothing.  It seems to be just a place holder.  Is that accurate?  If I apply a partial cash payment, put the remaining in COD, invoice, post, and then apply the remaining amount due from credit - will that work?  Or will having an amount in COD come back to bite me somewhere down the road?  I want to use this in a custom development piece that holds these orders until paid in full.  If I can use the sum of deposits received and COD amount, then I can account for apply credits later.