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Got a request in today to remove special characters from a field in a SQL table. The result was slightly more verbose than I thought it would be, but it's still 'article worthy'

Here we go...

The task today is to style each item in a Telerik RadDropdownlist separately, like this:

Code below.


Welcome to a new feature, SQL Puzzlers! Hope you enjoy them. Follow the link above to see all that we have. 

Here is a puzzler for the SQL types in the crowd

Given this dataset:


How would you code a running total?


I've gotten you started, here is the code that produces the first window, all you have to do is code the RunningTotal column. 

declare @t table (RowID int identity, Docdate date, Sales numeric(19,2))
insert into @t (docdate, Sales) values ('1/1/2019',100)
insert into @t (docdate, Sales) values ('1/2/2019',200)
insert into @t (docdate, Sales) values ('1/3/2019',300)
insert into @t (docdate, Sales) values ('1/4/2019',400)
insert into @t (docdate, Sales) values ('1/5/2019',500)
select *
    from @t
    order by docdate

The answer is below, peek at your own peril. 



SmartConnect to Business Central integration error: Contact xxx is related to a different company than customer xxxxx

I'm getting this error, even though the contact is valid and working. 

During a SmartConnect integration today (which uses eConnect) today we got the following error

There was an error reading from the pope: The pipe has been ended

After some searching, I arrived at the solution below. 


I need assistance in resolving a problem that maybe I’m missing something.

I need to add a QTY total in the SOP Picking Ticket and SOP Blank Invoice Form in the Report Footer.

  1. My Problem is that the field should not include the components of the kits just only the kits item number when enter in the invoice.
    1. Example:
  • If You add 6 different kits with 2 components each But one of them has 3 components,
  • the QTY total field should give me 6 items not 19. Should not include the components. 
  • Also, is there’s normal items (No Kits) included it should give total of those items entered also.

Please review these form I’ve included and they are running Dynamics GP 2010R2.

Thank You

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