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jason.huett 7/30/2013 4:43:56 PM

Sales History - SOP30300 - Any Way To Get Cost Component Breakout At Time Of Invoice?

FYI: I have searched this forum and google prior to asking...

 We are trying to build an analysis cube of sales invoices (sales history).  Of course the SOP30300 provides the unit standard cost at the time of sale / invoice.  Is there any way to get the cost component breakout (material, labor, overhead) as of the time of sale/invoice?  Of course I can get the current standard cost and MLO breakout via the ICIV0323 table - as of today - but if any changes to standards were made during the period of analysis, the component costs woudl not add to the total standard cost.

 Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions...

Version: GP 2010
Section: Dynamics GP, Report Writer, SQL Scripts