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smartstream 4/11/2014 8:13:01 AM

SQL Triggers to move data between servers

For various reason including the soon demise  of Business Portal we are running GP 2013 and BP3.0 on our old server;

I have various processes that move data from the PA tables from Old to new  (Mainly timesheets); however I would really like to create a SQL trigger on the New server (SQL 2008 ) that will insert a record into the old Server (SQL 2000)


For example if a user is added to the access of a project so a record is added to PA01408 I would like a trigger that adds that record to the old server PA01408


Insert into vie.gpc.dbo.pa01408

(fields in table)


fields in table

from bri.gpc.dbo.PA01408


Can anyone help I am aiming to do this for records that are deleted as well.....


Many thanks

Version: GP 2013, GP 9
Section: SQL Scripts