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xenitel 9/2/2014 3:25:36 PM

GP Web Service methods and the GP Dynamics tables they affect

This seems like it should be simple, and maybe I'm just missing s/thing obvious.

The GP Web Service methods reference objects that do not always clearly match up with GP Dynamics tables -- even when looking at the expanded "user-friendly" table names.

For instance, the GetSalesInvoiceByKey() and GetSalesOrderByKey() methods both retrieve a record with a given SalesDocumentKey value ... 

What GP Dynamics table (or tables) does the SalesDocumentKey link to?  There is no "Sales Document" table (except for Setup and Temp tables).

More generally, is there a resource that maps GP Web Services methods to the GP Dynamics table(s) they work with?  Unfortunately, the MSDN documentation does not include this information.

Thanks in advance,


Version: GP 2013
Section: Dynamics GP, Web Services