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kv 11/24/2015 7:24:45 AM

Dynamics GP 2010 Web service - List all Tax Details available within a Company Database


 I have been given the task of integrating with a dynamics solution and creating Purchase Invoices.  This is all going according to plan, however there is one stumbling block that I cannot resolve.


For a purchase invoice, there is a TaxScheduleKey - this relates to the form within dynamics called Tax Schedule Maintenance, and each Tax Schedule has a configured Tax Detail.


What I need to do is pull a list of all of these Tax Schedules and their related Tax Details from dynamics and synchronise it with our own database to provide lookups so they can alter the tax rates of the invoice before posting to dynamics, but I cannot seem to find any method for retrieving either, I can only seem to set the Tax Schedule key.  


There are over 40 dynamics databases I need to synchronise with, so unfortunately I don't really see a manual import of the data as an option (except a last resort)



Version: GP 2010
Section: Dynamics GP, Web Services