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AsherB 8/8/2007 3:35:45 PM

eConnect Multicurrency error

Edit 9/16/15 View the main article for this error here 

Here was the problem:

During my testing today, I came across an error from eConnect:

Error Number = 724 Stored Procedure taSopHdrIvcInsert Error Description = Invalid Currency, a Functional currency must be set up

I figured that it was a GP sales setup issue and looked for a default currency but couldn't find one.  So I then passed in a valid currency id ("Z-US$") and received the following error:

Error Number = 492 Stored Procedure taMCCurrencyValidate Error Description = This company does not have access to this Currency ID or is Inactive

I then went into GP and set up access for the test company to "Z-US$" (Tools >> Setup >> System >> Multicurrency Access).  I received the following error:

Error Number = 356 Stored Procedure taMCCurrencyValidate Error Description = The table MC40000 does not contain a Rate Type ID or is empty

Here was the suggested solution:

Go into Tools>Setup>System>Multi-Currency Access and make sure that the company that you are trying to access has access to Z-US$

Go into Tools > Setup > System > Currency Setup and be sure that Z-US$ is set up

Go into Tools > Setup > Financial > Multicurrency and set up a funcional currency

It sounds like 1 of 2 things:
1.       Even thought the customer may not use Multi-Currency they still need to give the company access to Multi-Currency (Tools>Setup>System>Multi-Currency Access) as well as setup a functional currency for the Company
2.      You are not passing a valid Currency ID into the transaction.

864342 Activity for this currency already exists. The functional currency cant be changed

863727 Error message when you try to enter a transaction in General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics GP: "No functional currency has been selected"

Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect