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hamzajosh 11/8/2016 9:25:48 AM

Dexterity not showing new fields assigned to a variable.

I have a form with variables on it. I have an array of 6 long types, the fields are on the form. At the end of a script, I have added these values to be modified. The values get modified but the new values do not show on the form. Is there any way to refresh the form to show these changed fields. Dex newbie here FYI. Bewlos is the code, as you can see from commented code, i check the values if they are assigned and the assignment works fine but new values do not show up on the form. Redraw field does not work either. I have Formula_Market on the form and need to show values from Formula_Market_Actual. Please help.

for i = 1 to 6 do
{warning str(Formula_Market[i]) + " BEFORE : " + str(Formula_Market_Actual[i]);}
Formula_Market[i] = Formula_Market_Actual[i];
[redraw field Formula_Market[i];]
{warning str(Formula_Market[i]) + " AFTER: " + str(Formula_Market_Actual[i]);}
end for;

Version: GP 2013
Section: Dexterity, Dynamics GP