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mark nelson 11/18/2016 8:56:09 PM

Trying to create a Vendor import integration in IM

I am trying to create a Vendor import integration for new vendors in GP 2010 using IM in lieu of me importing using .csv and SQl for end users.

Is it possible to use a Source file that loads into SQL tables or is that frowned upon? So far I only see default integration sources, can these be created custom or is this a limitation of IM?


I was able to select Destination Vendor Under AP, looks to be okay to use for a basic vendor integration, but what If I wanted to setup a complete vendor, banking info, emails, ACH/ EFT details, etc. If this is a separate integration fro EFT banking information how would I go about creating a new EFT Vendor destination.  I am not understanding how to create something this custom.


Any help would be great from the IM experts out there!


Thank you




Version: GP 2010
Section: Dynamics GP, Integration Manager