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Thruway 1/4/2018 2:38:13 PM

eConnect - Delete Purchase Order Line Item


I am trying to delete a line item for an existing Purchase Order using eConnect. Skimming through the eConnect XML Node Reference I found that the '<taSopLineDelete>node exists (which seems to handle deleting Sales Order lines)  -  but I can't find an equivalent for a Purchase Order. The node '<taPopPoDelete>' appears to only handle deleting the entire Purchase Order.

I have tried to pass variations of the '<taPoLine>' node to eConnect but it always seems to add/update the line. I'm not certain what combination of properties I would need to pass in order to tell eConnect to remove the line. I have been setting the 'UpdateIfExists' flag to true, perhaps I need to be using Document Exchange instead (set this flag to false)?

I'm sure I could probably remove the record via a direct sql call, but I know that the POP10110 record is referenced from a few other tables and don't want to end up with a mess on my hands.

Any ideas?

Version: GP 2010
Section: .NET Development, eConnect, SQL Scripts