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Sandy Guenette 2/8/2018 12:33:30 PM

Some Emails being sent to Draft Folder when doing EFT using GP2016R2 and Outlook

Have emails that are going to Draft folder in Outlook and show error on email report, these used to go without a problem.  I doubled checked the email address, which is correct, made sure it the email was on the right line on the Vendor maintenance card, made sure they had EFT in the Remit To on the maintenance card and on the voucher.  She is using a word template for the EFT Remittance.  Anyone have any ideas what would be causing some to email and others not to?

We are using Great Plains 2016R2 version 16.00.0579(R2) and Microsoft Office 365 Outlook


Version: GP 2015
Section: Dynamics GP