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rich.kalasky 10/12/2010 4:55:23 PM

How to tell if sales invoice is paid via web service


I need to be able to figure out how to tell if a sales invoice has been fully paid via the GP web service. Currently, I am just comparing the SalesInvoice object's PaymentAmount value and the TotalAmount value. PaymentAmount only has a value when a payment is applied to the invoice in the Sales Transaction Entry screen.

I want to be able to post the invoice, then come back and apply a cash receipt to it later and then post that receipt. When I run through that workflow, the PaymentAmount on the SalesInvoice object is still 0. Where can I find the payment that has been applied to the invoice using the web service?

If this is not the proper forum for this question, please let me know.


Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP